Auto Repair and Auto Body Repair

Auto Repair and Auto Body Repair – What’s the Difference?

In most cases, the terms auto body repair and auto repair are used interchangeably. Essentially, people think that these terms mean the same thing. But, when you talk to an auto body repair expert like my friend over at Glass Dawg Auto Glass Repair, you realize that these terms have different meanings.

Auto Repair

Auto repair means electrical and mechanical repair that a vehicle may need. For instance, you take your vehicle for auto repair when it needs oil changing, fixing broken tail light, or repairing busted transmission. Essentially, auto repair shops handle anything to do with the internal components and the gut of a car.

When your car is involved in a collision or accident, you think about its internal components first. These include the engine, transmission, suspension, and other internal parts. That’s because if these parts are damaged, your vehicle won’t function properly.

Auto Body Repair

Auto body repair entails repair of the “body” of a vehicle. This includes the windshield, frame, windows, doors, roof, hood, bumpers, fenders, and trunk among others. Basically, you take your car to an auto body repair shop when it needs repair for its shell or exterior.

If the exterior of your vehicle is damaged, you should take it to an auto body repair expert. This is a professional that will handle any damage to the exterior of your vehicle. For instance, auto body repair experts can fix scrapes and dents, paint damage, and restore the car to its original or new look.

The Bottom Line

Although auto repair and auto body repair mean different things, some auto body shops have mechanics that deal with damage to the exterior and interior of the vehicle. As such, they assess damage on the body of a vehicle and internal damage as well. If a vehicle needs both exterior and interior repairs, these mechanics can do the repair job.


Things to Look for in a Collision Repair Center

Even if you’re a cautious driver that takes precautionary measures when driving, collisions may be hard to avoid. However, it’s crucial to take your car for repair at the right collision repair center after an accident. To get quality collision repair, look for the following when choosing the auto body shop to fix your car. 


Choose a certified collision repair center with a sterling reputation for providing quality services. A certified collision repair shop uses Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. It also has trained and experienced technicians. That means your car will be repaired by technicians that have undergone proper training to fix your car according to the standards set by the manufacturer. 


How do you know what to expect from a collision repair shop? You can only tell whether a collision repair center will do an excellent job by reading reviews about it. Reviews are expressions of the experiences of other vehicle owners and drivers with the auto repair shop. Therefore, choose a collision repair center with the most positive reviews from other drivers and vehicle owners. 


The location of a collision repair center is very important. An ideal auto repair shop should be located close to where you leave. This will enable you to avoid driving a broken car for a long distance to have it repaired. Therefore, consider convenience when choosing a collision repair center. 


One sign that a collision repair center is reliable and professional is the willingness to give warranties for repairs. Therefore, ask whether a collision repair center provides warranties for repairs, what they cover, and their period. In most cases, an auto body paint job comes with a warranty. But, the interior body parts might not have a warranty. Nevertheless, choose a collision repair center that provides maximum coverage. What’s more, go to a collision repair shop that gives you an after-sale service for the replaced parts. 

Choosing the right collision repair center will give you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle has been repaired by qualified experts. You will also get value for money because the repair job will be done professionally using quality parts. 

Why the Original Estimate can Change at the Auto Body Shop

It is usually advisable to first get the repair cost estimates from your car insurance provider whenever you are involved in an accident. Those estimates are not meant to be the final costs of fixing the damage. The insurer should pay a reasonable amount of money to your preferred auto body shop to fix the damage and reinstate your car to its condition before the accident. Nevertheless, the original estimates by the insurance company can change whenever the car gets to an auto body shop for the actual repairs. The following are some of the reasons why that could happen. 

Underlying Problems 

During the original estimates by the insurer, the car is often in one piece and it is not easy to determine the impact of the damage. After the dismantling of the car at the auto body shop, the mechanics are likely to discover more problems, thereby changing the initial cost estimates. 

Disparities in the Cost of Parts 

Auto parts keep changing and, sometimes the prices go high without the knowledge of car body repair dealers. As such, you could find that the suppliers of the required parts charger higher prices than what auto body shops expect. That could also impact changes in the original estimates. The car insurance provider should cover any additional costs o the initial estimates. 

Using a Different Auto Body Shop from the One Recommended by the Insurer 

The original repair estimates may also change if you opt to use a different auto body repair shop from the one recommended by your car insurance company. Insurers recommend the auto body shops that they have contracts with to handle the repairs at subsidized pre-negotiated rates. That means taking your car to a different auto body shop could likely impact changes in the pricing. But, you can always choose where to have your car repaired. 

It is normal for the original estimate to change at the auto body shop. However, the most important thing is to find a common ground that will ensure your car gets the best repair job at reasonable costs.

How Long Will an Auto Body Shop Take to Fix My Vehicle?

Generally, the duration it will take for an auto body shop to fix your car depends on various factors. The damage sustained on a car in a particular accident significantly varies from that of another car in a separate crash. Due to the disparities in auto body parts, internal systems specifications and levels of impact, the duration it will take to revive the car mainly relies on the amount of work required. However, there are some ways through which you can tell when the car will get fixed and become operational again. 

The Response of Your Car Insurance Company 

If the damage is big enough for insurance coverage, the response of the insurer will determine how long it takes to get the issues resolved. The insurer will have to liaise with the auto body repair shop to approve the cost estimates and, direct them to proceed with the repair works.  If the two parties delay reaching an agreement, it could take longer before the repairs on your car begin. As a result, you will likely have to wait a little longer to have the car fixed. 

Minor Car Body Damage 

Minor auto body damage like mild fender bender issues and collisions that occur under slow speeds do not often require a lot of repair works. But, even cosmetic repair works sometimes take time to complete due to the multiple procedures involved. Minor auto body repairs averagely take about one to two weeks to fix while other simpler imperfections like scratches can be completed in lesser time. 

Major Collisions 

Extensive car body damage caused by accidents occurring at high speeds requires the auto body shops to first engage the manufacturers to make sure that they use the right parts for repairs. Sourcing those parts could take time, especially if your car is an older or rare model. 

Indeed, it can be frustrating to wait for several days, weeks or months to have your car fixed after an accident. But, you should rather deal with the delays instead of rushing an auto body repair work that may not warrant reviving your car’s condition. 

Why You Should Fix Up Your Car Instead of Selling It

So, your car has broken down and you’re wondering whether it’s worth fixing up or you should just sell it. Well, the cost of repairing a car can be high for some people. And, what can make you more tempted to sell your car is if this is not the first time it has broken down. Nobody wants to keep pouring money into a vehicle that is aging and likely to demand more. But, there are cases where it’s wise to fix up a car instead of selling it. Here are some of the reasons to fix up a car instead of selling it. 

Repairing the Car is Less Expensive than Purchasing a New One

Perhaps, you can’t afford the money to buy a new car at the moment. This can be due to budgetary or even other reasons. And the cost of fixing up the broken down car can be less than that of purchasing a new one. 

Some repairs like a failed transmission or blown motor may cost you between $3,000 and $7,000 when you replace them at your local dealership. However, this cost is still less than that of purchasing a new car. 

You Need Your Current Car Longer 

Some people have an emotional attachment to their cars. Maybe you were given the car by a special person. It could also be your first car or the car you always dreamed of. If you’re such a person, you may want to use your current car a little longer. You might also intend to purchase a new car in some years. So, if the current car breaks down unexpectedly, you may consider repairing it. 

Fixing up your car will enable you to continue being on the road without rushing to buy a new one. Thus, you will have time to accumulate your savings and get the required amount to buy a new one. 

Other reasons why you should fix up your car instead of selling it may include insurance issues. Maybe registration and insurance fee for a new car will be higher. You might also not want to lose the value of the money you spend on a new car. That’s because a new car loses its value at a rate of around 22% every year. Your current car has taken this hit already. 

Nevertheless, the decision to fix up or sell a car is personal. Therefore, weigh the two options carefully to make a wise decision. 

Ways to Avoid Damaging Your Car in the Garage

It happens to almost everybody. You’re pulling into your garage when you scratch one side of your car against the wall. If this has already happened to you, have the damage fixed by experts of a reputable auto body repair shop. Nevertheless, there are several ways you can avoid damaging your car in the garage. Here are some of them.

Be Organized and Smart with the Space in Your Garage

Scattering items all over the garage space is a sure way to invite scratches, dents and dings. Lawnmowers, kids’ toys, and bicycles are some of the things you will find in most garages. Unfortunately, these items are the major causes of vehicle damages when bumped into. To ensure that you don’t damage your car in the garage, keep the available space organized and neat.

Ensure Clear Visibility

Ensure that you can clearly see every space in your garage during the day and at night. Ideally, make sure that your garage is lit properly. If your garage doesn’t have windows, ensure proper after dark lighting. This will enable you to avoid damaging your vehicle by misjudging the location of your car in relation to garage sides or door opening edges. This is particularly the case for garages where vehicles fit tightly.

Use a Hanging Tennis Ball or a Bumper

Many people damage the front of their vehicles in the garage by pulling too far. To avoid this, place a soft bumper at the garage front. Alternatively, hang a tennis ball strategically so that it can touch your car’s windscreen to alert you not to pull forward further. That way, you will avoid this issue efficiently and easily.

These are effective ways to avoid damaging your car in the garage. If your car has sustained damage in the garage already, have it fixed by professionals of a reputable auto body shop.

How to Get the Right Car Paint Finish

You are definitely concerned with body work quality when you take your car for repair at an auto body shop. However, the paint finish of your car is the major thing. And, unless you have the paint job done by the right specialists, improper techniques and inferior materials can be used on your car.

When the new paint doesn’t match the original car paint color, everybody that knew the car before will notice it. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the new paint job has the same shine, durability and color with the original paint of your car.

To ensure that you get the right car paint finish, ask about the paint process of the collision repair shop. In addition to this, ask questions that you feel are essential to ensuring that you get the results you desire. Here are some of the things to watch out for to ensure that you get the right car paint finish.

Color Matching

Color matching is the most essential element of any auto finish job. It is the color matching process that determines the final finish of the car. Therefore, make sure that the collision shop that you choose employs a computerized system for color matching. That’s the only way your car will have its original paint finish restored.

Paint Standards

The best auto body repair shop focuses on meeting or exceeding the standards of the original paint of a car. Therefore, ask the auto body repair shop about the paint it uses. Get assurances that you will get paint whose quality meets or even exceeds standards of the original paint of the car.

Specialized Equipment and Technicians

Even when superior paint is used, it won’t last long or look great if it is applied by the wrong people using wrong equipment. Therefore, make sure that the shop where you take your vehicle for paint job has specialized equipment and technicians.

Follow these tips to get the right car paint finish and restore the original look of your vehicle.

Holiday Driving Tips from Auto Body Experts

Holiday Driving Tips from Auto Body Experts

It’s estimated that almost 100 million Americans drive 50 miles or more during the holiday season. Most people travel from their living places or homes towards the end of the year. Generally, holiday travel should be bright and merry. But, if you don’t take appropriate measures, your trip can be your worst nightmare. Auto body experts share tips that should guide you when preparing for holiday travel.

Prepare Your Car

Your holiday cheer will diminish immediately if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Nothing feels bad than spending hours parking by the roadside and risking your life seeking help from strangers. As such, it’s important to take proactive measures. Before you go on a holiday trip, drive to an auto body repair shop to have your vehicle inspected. If you notice minor damage on your vehicle, don’t put off its repair. Instead, have it checked and fixed by competent professionals.

Study the Weather Conditions

Winter weather has challenging conditions. These are witnessed by drivers during the holiday seasons. For instance, some places that are not used to ice and snow experience bad driving conditions. As such, study the weather carefully before you drive off. That way, you will know the precautions to take and how to plan your trip.

Carry an Emergency Kit

You don’t want your vehicle to break down when you don’t have anything that you can use to fix it. As such, make sure that you have an emergency kit in your vehicle. The kit should include booster cables, flashlight, basic tools, blankets, and a spare phone charger.

Know the Route

When driving to an unfamiliar destination or rout, carry a map. GPS may be great. However, you may drive to a place that doesn’t have a mobile network service. Therefore, study your route and destination carefully before you leave and carry a map if possible.  

Follow these tips from auto body experts to prepare for holiday driving and you won’t have trouble during the trip.

Helpful Expert Guide on How to Keep Your Car Looking New

When you keep your car looking new, it maintains an impressive look that enables you to make a statement wherever you go driving in it. Maintaining a brand new look will also enable your car to last longer. But, how do you maintain the brand new look of your car? Here are expert tips to help you keep your car looking new longer.

Wash it More Often

Some people are obsessed with keeping their cars clean and waxed from the moment they buy them. However, some people are never bothered by the idea. Simply put, they wash their vehicles sporadically. Basically, how often you should wash your car is largely dependent on the local climate. But, if your car is exposed to natural elements, it will benefit from frequent washing. Ideally, wash your car every week. If your car gets extremely dirty due to long commute, salty air from the ocean, and bugs, wash it every week.

Wax Your Car to Beautify It

Waxing makes the paint job of a car shine. It also protects the paint job from irritants that may reduce the resale value of the car by damaging its exterior. Therefore, make sure that you car is waxed at least once every 3 months to keep it looking new.

Park Your Car Carefully

People are busy in the current world. As such, they tend to park their cars where it is most convenient. However, parking your car at some places puts it at a higher risk of sustaining dents and dings from other vehicles and people as they bang the doors of their cars. To avoid this, park your car in parking lots that are less busy.

A car can look dented and dingy even when taken care of properly. In that case, take your vehicle to an auto body shop for repair.

If you need more tips, feel free to follow one of my fellow blogging buddies as he/she posts some nice material like this one here.

Why do people purchase a car that wasn’t worth the money?

This is something that is happening all the time. People are purchasing a secondhand car and you hear they have problems after problems. Why? Why do people purchase vehicles that weren’t worth the money? There are many reasons, and when you know these reasons, you will know what to look for next time when you are purchasing a secondhand car. So that you don’t waste money on purchasing something that wasn’t worth it.

They don’t check the vehicle before purchasing

This is the most common thing that happens when people are purchasing secondhand vehicles. They don’t check the vehicle thoroughly before they are purchasing it. Don’t take it for a test drive and they don’t make sure that the engine is in good condition.

There are many reasons why people don’t check the vehicle before purchasing. The most common reason is that they believe the seller, and they are in a hurry to purchase the vehicle.

The vehicle was on a special, and they didn’t ask questions

It looks like a special that you can’t slip through your fingers. You are purchasing the vehicle as fast as possible before anyone else is purchasing it before you can. You don’t ask any questions as well. You check that the papers are in order, and you just pay the vehicle and take it home.

But, in the meantime, you didn’t realize that there was a reason why the car was so cheap. And, you even might regret purchasing the vehicle in the first place.

The seller was lying about the condition of the vehicle

This is the one thing that is happening all the time. The seller is lying about the condition of the vehicle and they are able to hide the real reason for selling the vehicle.

When it comes to purchasing a car, you need to make sure about the real reason for selling the vehicle. You should not believe what the seller is saying. If the vehicle might be too cheap, there will always be a reason why they are selling the vehicle below its value.

They don’t have the money to purchase something better

You don’t have the money to purchase a vehicle that is a good purchase. You can’t look for something better, because better always mean more expensive. But, you need to have a vehicle, so you are purchasing something that you can afford. You can’t really look for a vehicle that is worth purchasing but is able to purchase something cheap that isn’t really a great purchase.

You hear on a daily basis about people that are purchasing secondhand vehicles that weren’t really worth the money they have to spend on it. There are different reasons why this is happening. If you want to make sure that you are purchasing a high-quality vehicle, you need to make sure that you are double checking the vehicle for any potential problems.