Car Paint Protection – How to Avoid Parking Lot Dents

Sturdy and smooth paintwork significantly improves the looks and appearance of the car. Besides aesthetics, car paint also cushions the body panels from defects caused by scratches and rust. That is why car paint protection is a necessary maintenance procedure recommended for every vehicle. The following are the best tips on how to avoid parking lot dents that could damage your car’s paintwork. 

Do Not Park Too Close to the Entry and Exit Points 

Most dents often occur at the entry and exit points when drivers make maneuvers to enter or leave the parking lots. Those points usually experience heavy traffic, making it difficult for inexperienced drivers to turn without scratching other cars. Consider parking at the end slots, with only one side exposed to another vehicle. 

Exercise Caution When Driving in Parking Lots 

Several cases of parking lot dents also occur because some drivers park in a hurry, without watching the distance between the cars in front, at the rear, and sides. Use the side mirrors and rearview mirror to guide you when parking. That will enable you to avoid scratching your car onto other vehicles. 

Maintain the Stipulated Speed Limits 

Parking lots, especially those that experience heavy car traffic, usually have speed limits that drivers should observe within the spaces. Speeding in a parking lot can easily result in a collision and other costly accidents. However, maintaining moderate and lower speeds allows you to maneuver the parking lot safely, avoiding dents on your car. 

Park near Cars with the Same Height as Your Car 

Parking next to cars with the same height as your car can also help avoid dents since it makes it easier to turn and make maneuvers without scratching them. Avoid parking next to compact vehicles because they leave much room between cars, increasing the risk of scratches. 

Parking lots comprise of different cars and drivers with different experiences. Thus, you should observe the above guidelines and remain cautious when using parking lots to protect your car’s paintwork and avoid accidents. 

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