How Long Will an Auto Body Shop Take to Fix My Vehicle?

Generally, the duration it will take for an auto body shop to fix your car depends on various factors. The damage sustained on a car in a particular accident significantly varies from that of another car in a separate crash. Due to the disparities in auto body parts, internal systems specifications and levels of impact, the duration it will take to revive the car mainly relies on the amount of work required. However, there are some ways through which you can tell when the car will get fixed and become operational again. 

The Response of Your Car Insurance Company 

If the damage is big enough for insurance coverage, the response of the insurer will determine how long it takes to get the issues resolved. The insurer will have to liaise with the auto body repair shop to approve the cost estimates and, direct them to proceed with the repair works.  If the two parties delay reaching an agreement, it could take longer before the repairs on your car begin. As a result, you will likely have to wait a little longer to have the car fixed. 

Minor Car Body Damage 

Minor auto body damage like mild fender bender issues and collisions that occur under slow speeds do not often require a lot of repair works. But, even cosmetic repair works sometimes take time to complete due to the multiple procedures involved. Minor auto body repairs averagely take about one to two weeks to fix while other simpler imperfections like scratches can be completed in lesser time. 

Major Collisions 

Extensive car body damage caused by accidents occurring at high speeds requires the auto body shops to first engage the manufacturers to make sure that they use the right parts for repairs. Sourcing those parts could take time, especially if your car is an older or rare model. 

Indeed, it can be frustrating to wait for several days, weeks or months to have your car fixed after an accident. But, you should rather deal with the delays instead of rushing an auto body repair work that may not warrant reviving your car’s condition. 

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