Ways to Avoid Damaging Your Car in the Garage

It happens to almost everybody. You’re pulling into your garage when you scratch one side of your car against the wall. If this has already happened to you, have the damage fixed by experts of a reputable auto body repair shop. Nevertheless, there are several ways you can avoid damaging your car in the garage. Here are some of them.

Be Organized and Smart with the Space in Your Garage

Scattering items all over the garage space is a sure way to invite scratches, dents and dings. Lawnmowers, kids’ toys, and bicycles are some of the things you will find in most garages. Unfortunately, these items are the major causes of vehicle damages when bumped into. To ensure that you don’t damage your car in the garage, keep the available space organized and neat.

Ensure Clear Visibility

Ensure that you can clearly see every space in your garage during the day and at night. Ideally, make sure that your garage is lit properly. If your garage doesn’t have windows, ensure proper after dark lighting. This will enable you to avoid damaging your vehicle by misjudging the location of your car in relation to garage sides or door opening edges. This is particularly the case for garages where vehicles fit tightly.

Use a Hanging Tennis Ball or a Bumper

Many people damage the front of their vehicles in the garage by pulling too far. To avoid this, place a soft bumper at the garage front. Alternatively, hang a tennis ball strategically so that it can touch your car’s windscreen to alert you not to pull forward further. That way, you will avoid this issue efficiently and easily.

These are effective ways to avoid damaging your car in the garage. If your car has sustained damage in the garage already, have it fixed by professionals of a reputable auto body shop.

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