Why the Original Estimate can Change at the Auto Body Shop

It is usually advisable to first get the repair cost estimates from your car insurance provider whenever you are involved in an accident. Those estimates are not meant to be the final costs of fixing the damage. The insurer should pay a reasonable amount of money to your preferred auto body shop to fix the damage and reinstate your car to its condition before the accident. Nevertheless, the original estimates by the insurance company can change whenever the car gets to an auto body shop for the actual repairs. The following are some of the reasons why that could happen. 

Underlying Problems 

During the original estimates by the insurer, the car is often in one piece and it is not easy to determine the impact of the damage. After the dismantling of the car at the auto body shop, the mechanics are likely to discover more problems, thereby changing the initial cost estimates. 

Disparities in the Cost of Parts 

Auto parts keep changing and, sometimes the prices go high without the knowledge of car body repair dealers. As such, you could find that the suppliers of the required parts charger higher prices than what auto body shops expect. That could also impact changes in the original estimates. The car insurance provider should cover any additional costs o the initial estimates. 

Using a Different Auto Body Shop from the One Recommended by the Insurer 

The original repair estimates may also change if you opt to use a different auto body repair shop from the one recommended by your car insurance company. Insurers recommend the auto body shops that they have contracts with to handle the repairs at subsidized pre-negotiated rates. That means taking your car to a different auto body shop could likely impact changes in the pricing. But, you can always choose where to have your car repaired. 

It is normal for the original estimate to change at the auto body shop. However, the most important thing is to find a common ground that will ensure your car gets the best repair job at reasonable costs.

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